Power Station Entertainment Inc., New York's most exciting and elegant Greek-American band, will keep you dancing all night long. From the appearance of the entire band, to the music performed, they are a package complete with elegance, style, EXTRAORDINARY SOUND and contagious excitement. We offer you the finest musicians and vocalists, that perform the direction of an experienced band leader. Ensuring that your party will be a huge success. Our standard orchestra consists of a five piece band providing a bouzouki, keyboard, drums, male & female vocalist. We can also add a violinist, clarinet and disc jockey. Adding new dimension to your party's music sound. We will be pleased to assist you in making your celebration a truly memorable and joyous occasion..............
Thank you for your intrest in Power Station Entertainment Inc.
Christos Lambropoulos ........ 718-357-0404 - 718-478-1308
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